My Dreams


They are big
But what is too big?
I know they are right about some things
Creep before you walk
I agree.
Learn all aspects of the job.
Sure, absolutely.

My point however is

They are not Too Big
I am a child of the King
How dare I distrust my father
He is yet to fail
Why am I the only one who gets this excited without worrying
Should I listen to them?

Honestly, I rather to listen to Christ
He never made a mistake
He never left me nor forsook me
He has all the answers
I did say I wouldn’t worry and that I’d leave it all to him..

Two days before the new year
I am absolutely blessed
I crave more
Of him
Matt 6:33
It’s true
I am a living testimony

He cannot lie,
Deu 28: 1-14
I am claiming my blessings

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