O ye of little faith


Move mountain move!
Actually, why should I want my mountain to be moved
There is beauty in the climb
I want to climb to the top
Fall sometimes and learn from the fall
Reach the plateaus and face the challenge of rising again
Climb the steep incline, and rejoice when I get to the top
Linger on top and appreciate the serenity of the view

I don’t mind the climb at all.
That’s where the memories are
That’s where the testimonies come from
That’s where you’ll see the unseen
Hear the unheard
Feel the unfelt
Once you are climbing with the right person
It can be awesome

Think about some of your previous storms or mountains
Some very fond memories right?
I know.
I’m willing to go through it with HIM
He’s great with storms remember,
Peace be still.

The point is
Once you climb
You’ll learn the route
So even if you have to return to the valley
You can easily climb to the top again

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