How unfair.
Why shouldn’t I be confident?
Yes, I am beautiful
A princess
You don’t feel beautiful do you?
Someone has to tell you??
That is rather very sad
So, does that mean you aren’t happy??
I really don’t understand.
You see, I have always been sure of my beauty
Inside and out
A woman of substance
I’ve never needed to be told.
I don’t know how/why, I just know
Tell me something,
Don’t you admire your reflection in the mirror?
You don’t???
I’m utterly flabbergasted
I just don’t get it.
How can you not?
You are gorgeous too you know?
Yeah, you.
You are beautiful.
You have bright eyes
You should smile more
They light up when you do.
Your eyes I mean.
You are beautiful
We all are.
You see, we are uniquely phenomenal.


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