Direction for 2016

Since I started this blog in December of last year I have mostly shared personal poetic pieces. However, I am quite talkative and I am now trying to express myself through other media in an effort to improve my communication skills, as well as explore my creativity.

It so happens that I decided to choose a course from CARIMAC  (COMM 3248) as a Psychology major from the Social Sciences as my colleagues have always believed I had media potential and they are yet to understand my deep interest in the brain, mind and behaviour dynamic. Just for the record, psychology is absolutely fascinating. Learning how easy it is to manipulate human reactions directly and indirectly is mind blowing. Observing and seeking to understand and predict behaviour is also a very essential part of what I love about my field of choice.

So here goes, my goals for 2016:

  1. To master the art of Marketing
  2. To complete my first degree by May 2016.
  3. To start graduate studies by September 2016.
  4. To manage my company successfully through it’s start-up phase.
  5. To establish my home and the headquarters/central hub of my company by the end of summer 2016.
  6. To share my testimonies of the love of my God throughout all that I do with the hope of impacting lives.
  7. To master all my current interests by the end of 2016.


My favourite scriptures:

Matt. 6:33

Deu. 28: 1-14

‘Imani means Faith’

‘2040 is representative of the time period I have given myself to achieve all my current goals.’ 



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