Inequality some call it

I think it’s just plain unfair
Why are we not allowed to choose freely?
Why can’t women have male friends and vice versa?
Why can’t we wear what we want?
Do what we want?
When we want?
Let’s ditch this word; unfair
YOU dictate your life
Do what YOU want
Be the change , YOU wish to see
Dictate to this life
Refuse to be dictated to.
Stop blaming the world for their behaviour
We learn from observation
We adapt to conform and survive
Give the world something to adapt to
Of course you can change the world
Yes, you can!
We can all be teachers
One person really can change the world
No, it is not impossible
Gandhi did it
Luther did it
Rosa did it
Hitler did it
Now these are the popular folks
But in our every day lives we see these changers
They are the ones we admire
Let’s give it a shot
Don’t get angry
Just be the change you want to see
It is not unfair.
Society just doesn’t know better.

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