How to be a successful ‘Christian Grey’



  1. You can’t be broke or cheap –  Nothing in this life is free and a woman is priceless. Spend lavishly. Give because you can and not because you are expecting sex in return.
  2. Taking care of her must be at the top of your agenda.
  3. Be confident and possessive  – It’s alluring. But remember not to be overbearing.
  4. Work on your tease – The anticipation is exciting.
  5. Work out. Please. – Fluffy is not sexy. No excuses or apologies.
  6. Be spontaneous – a little crazy is good. Normal is bland.
  7. Share – talking to her is healthy. Help her to understand your ‘fifty shades’ of #@^&*
     The awesome sex will follow naturally!😃 Trust me! 




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