I am tired
Not just in the physical sense
But in all realms
I’m tired of the hustle
I’m tired of the instability
the unpredictability
the financial edge
It’s tiring
The unconscious worry
is crippling
Of course,
I am a Christian
But a flawed human nonetheless
I tell myself that I don’t worry
It really doesn’t show
Companions yearn for my faith
I have faith
But faith without work is dead right?
So now, I’m stepping out in Faith
I’m taking action
I’m pleading my case
Strategic and practical visionary
A force to be reckoned with
An unquenching fire
I refuse to wait any longer
What exactly shall I wait on
The heavens to open up and send manna?
I want trout, salmon and steak
I want to have to give!
I’m tired of chicken and it’s parts
No, I’m n ot greedy
Perhaps just in-content
Don’t get it wrong
I have utmost gratitude for my struggle
But I am really just tired.
Tired of the wait
the small minds
the non believers
the doubtful Thomas
The ‘creep before you walk’ talks
Why do you think we invented the electric stove or the microwave?
To wait??
I beg to differ.

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