I burn easily
A caged animal
I feel trapped
Struggling to take a breath of fresh air
Uninterrupted thought
I just want to run
It’s not fear nor anxiety
It’s gross discomfort.
Yes, 3 is a crowd
I must choose this kind of interaction
Force it upon me and that’s it
I cannot.
Please don’t
Intolerable injustice
I would never do it to you
Desist. I beg.
Intimacy is my only craving
Person not people
The noise
The continuous chatter
On and on and on
Please leave
Yes, just get up or out
Walk away
Save me from an implosion
From the consuming flames
The rush to fight or fly
It’s unsettling
Flusters my peace of mind
How inconsiderate must you be?
Is it a deliberate move to ruffle my feathers
Playful banter perhaps
What would I do?
Yes. As the impromptu host
What would you do?
How would you feel?
Stop. Think about it.
Just don’t let me burn.

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