Its So Hard to Say Goodbye

Wonderful summary of the semester’s activities! – Gerry McD is a fountain of knowledge, you need to be sharp to keep up.

♥Heavenly Notes♥

We are close to the end of COMM3248 and after these weeks of information, research, presentations and group work. We are almost there, we have one final project to go for the commencement of this course. This certainly was challenging, insightful and somewhat fun. We were engaged to do individual and group work and our teamwork was seen as vital which encouraged us to plan soundly for the betterment of our groups. Let me give you an idea of some of what we were enlightened by in class:

  1. The Communication Cycle as a Microcosm of Marketing – This entails the different processes within the communication cycle which helps in marketing.
  2. Blogging – To create a personalize blog space and weekly add content and this was our way of maintaining it. Most of my blog emphasized on the word of God, thus the name – ♥Heavenly Notes♥
  3. What and who is an Entrepreneur?
    1. An…

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