Don’t You Worry There Will Never be Another Revolution??

I hope I don’t share these sentiments alone. Think about it? Our generation is filled with a bunch of passive activists! I just think you all are cowards! If only I cared as much about some of the things you all rant about on social media everyday you know what would happen?? I would doContinue reading “Don’t You Worry There Will Never be Another Revolution??”

Great Sex Begins in the Mind!

So that sounds a little creepy but give me a chance to explain. Hear me out here. Take a look through your Instagram and Facebook timeline, every nigga and every girl whether from the ghetto or uptown, high class, experienced or still a virgin. Everyone wants romance and want a connection with something non-physical. Yes!Continue reading “Great Sex Begins in the Mind!”

Get the Sex Right! Please!! 😟

No not me at all! I got this stimulation thing down to a science. I can’t even remember ever feeling sex starved. I tell people, it’s really not just penetration you know, it’s an emotional experience. Why do you think the brain releases that sweet cocktail of hormones after an orgasm; the stress reliever serotoninContinue reading “Get the Sex Right! Please!! 😟”