😩 My Apathy Hurts 😩


I write this with a heavy heart

I am a good person

Even if I say so myself.

However, I am a walking paradox

Like this whole world we live in.

I genuinely love and care about people

But I care 0 for feelings.

Like why do you all have to FEEL everything

Can’t you just for a moment see the bigger picture

Don’t pick apart my words and feel what I didn’t say.

My words are almost never malicious unless we fight.

I am just callously honest.

I try…

I do.

But Lord, I just cannot handle all these relationships and their constant feelings

I have wanted to just walk away several times

But I persevere.

I ignore their hurt and apologize for their feelings but not for what I said


Isn’t it unfair??

That Imani has to say “I am sorry YOU feel this way”


Smh…I shall just pray about this.

Solomon and his Proverbs must impart some wisdom here.


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