He Alone Understands

Just this one man.
I was born a human
But I’m a primitive one
Just a mere animal
I belong in the jungle
So I can roam and be wild and free
No limits, no boundaries.
Humans are just too selfish
Just too coward.
I can’t anymore
Well, I don’t want to.
I feel it’s a waste of time.
Because humans are content with easy.
No one wants hard.
Fast and easy.
Not long and hard.
But warrior,
That’s who I am
I like it long and hard…
Quick just doesn’t do it.
I want to savor the emotions
Feel the pain
The anguish
The confusion
The hurt
The anger
The stress….
But I also like to feel the love,
The strong vulnerability of it.
The fear and excitement.
The joy and relieve.
Oxytocin and oh
Sweet Serotonin.
Categories Poetry

2 thoughts on “He Alone Understands

  1. I just love this

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