☺️☺️ I like this for all the ‘wrong’ reasons Tehehe! 😄😄 PhoebeMD: Health + Inspiration Fervid waters of a love unbornstir shadows in a twilight dance.Cheek flushed beneath a nectared kiss,heart ravished with singular glance. Repose her upon the horizon pureover blooms of lavender sheento be searched beneath an open skyas she descends into oblivion serene. • View original post


You know it’s from the heart when you feel the emotions too… beautiful piece PhoebeMD: Health + Inspiration Cursed by thirst unquenchablebeneath a blazing sky,Gaze distorted by burning mistthat wells within her eyes. A soul that weeps before mankind,for truths they’ve never seen–of jaded hearts, of bleeding flesh,of wounds that lie between. An angel to the suffering,a guardian to the soul,a seraphContinue reading “Angel.”