Maybe I am
I know I’m not
But that’s what selflessness does
You know
Makes you look stupid
Jesus did it
Martin Luther
All those brothers and sisters in history
They accepted looking stupid
I should just do that too right?
I almost wish I was unconscious
Unaware you know
There is no reward for intelligence
Well the rewards are kinda super long term
It’s easier to write that than to say what I really want to
I never bought into this Feminism shit
But I see now what they fight for
Like, what if I had not known ‘God’
I want to KILL
To just feel that pleasure of watching the life drain from someone who wronged me
Yes, I do get to feel like I should determine who dies
…I’ll send them to God for forgiveness
It’s hard
Yet not impossible
I honestly would prefer that it was not hard so often
You know
Why women
Or why me?
Fuck this shit
Apparently God thinks I am him…
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