Affirmation (12.12.2016;18:47)

I concede.
Act like a monkey
It’s quite easy
I’m just stubborn
I think it’s unfair and ridiculous.
Why should I?
But how can I not?
It’s proven to be much harder being my authentic self all the time.
The world can’t handle it.
And since I’m lazy
I shall.
My egotism doesn’t help at all.
Confidence is frowned upon.
The world I was thrown in sah.
So I gotta learn
And adapt.
It’s not like I have a choice really. πŸ˜„
I talk a lot.
Well, when I am around people who understand what I’m saying.
I have a gross communication deficit. Being a judgemental savage makes matters worst.
Ah bwoi.
Tapping out.
This is a losing battle.
Since I’m not stupid
I should stop fighting it.
Well in the manner that I am.
Insanity they call it.
Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…
So hey, I will catch the f’kn monkey.
I’ll write instead of talk
Call my anxious people more often and ramble
Talk to everyone
Fake it until I make it
Maybe I’ll just stock up on wine πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
I’m a social butterfly under the influence πŸ€“πŸ™ˆ
Yup. That’s the plan.
I got it. 😝
Me prometo.

Published by Faith

I am human patiently accepting myself. I am unapologetic about being wild, and untamed. I am always open to new things and I only accept good vibe and positive energies. I love people and life and the world is my playground. I love children, animals and elderly people. I write to express and understand my thoughts, feeling and behaviors. It's self therapy and a visualization tool. I am a selfish loner at times a very sensitive INTJ. I am an aspiring psychological disorders and consumer behavior researcher and practitioner, living with Bipolar 1.

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