I’ve held on to it. 

Those 4 years were bliss. 

I learnt early to focus on the good stuff. 

Lest I become perpetually angry and bitter. 

He spoiled me. 

I was reprimanded certainly. 

But he wouldn’t let me cry. 

He’d explain why I couldn’t…

At the glimpse of a tear he’d seem visibly pained…and

I liked it. 


I learnt to manipulate his emotions as he would me. 

No one else dared tell me no. 

Lol. I still don’t understand the word. 

He never said no actually

He’d either say not now or that’s not good enough for you. 


I’ve met enough sad girls…

Their daddy never spoiled them 

So they don’t understand 

Well, not my fault. 

So fk yeah, I’m a brat. 

A top-notch diva. 

Spoiled mf. 


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