My Problem w/ the Church

Most churches per square mile and yet one of the most violent. Domestic violence being one of the # 1 killers locally. Can the church and all these advocates get real. I mean, telling a sister who confides in you about her abusive relationship at home, a child telling you their parents are beating theContinue reading “My Problem w/ the Church”

Perpetually Plucked

Umm…I gotta strike that balance man.  Assertive.  Well with my own people.  I fear being offensive.  Lest I cause someone to offend I don’t trust myself to not defend 😒 Incarceration doesn’t look very attractive  Especially for a wanderer.  I would quite literally become a walking dead.  I so easily digress. Bittersweet  Objectified… Dah! IContinue reading “Perpetually Plucked”