Perpetually Plucked

Umm…I gotta strike that balance man. 


Well with my own people. 

I fear being offensive. 

Lest I cause someone to offend

I don’t trust myself to not defend πŸ˜’

Incarceration doesn’t look very attractive 

Especially for a wanderer. 

I would quite literally become a walking dead. 

I so easily digress.



Dah! I know I’m a gem

But just like a beautiful rose,

You shouldn’t pluck it really πŸ˜”

Water it

Encourage it’s growth will ya? 


It’s gotta get dark for you to see the stars huh? 

Well, I absolutely love the stars and the moon 

But hey, I’m smitten by sunrises too…πŸ™„

Oh dear universe 


Let me flourish freely. 

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