He Fed my EGO


Can you see it?

Well, in that moment I was happy and truly grateful. I had no inhibitions, and I was completely relaxed, open to the universe and accepting all the beautiful energy that was around me.

I don’t often have these moments with my eyes wide open. Usually it’s like this:


Just with my eyes closed. And in that moment I allow myself to feel everything, see everything, hear everything and I take a mental screenshot of how beautiful it all is.

Yes, I’m a sensitive soul. Energies are important to me and they can either feed or deplete me. Well , his was mostly good, high energy and I loved every minute of it. It’s like God – the universe saw that I was about to lose my way again and sent my guardian angel from heaven to listen to me, give me a pep talk and usher me in the direction I want to go.

He said, I owed it to the world to share me…

He fed my heart, body and soul. Yeah I said heart and not mind. I think that part is up to me. I was showered with love, admiration and encouragement. A true friend. I was allowed to be me…

unapologetically Imani

The universe brought us together and I am grateful. Another awesome friend in my support system. I felt like a new flyer who has just been reassured by my strong base – (think cheerleader).

For my PJ

 💞 i appreciate u Kikkee 💞

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