I Got Lost

And I like it.
Sometimes we lose ourselves
So that we can find a better version of us
Like Meils would say, she aims just to be her best self
Because you know what
You are good enough
We are all good enough
So lest you forget
I remind you
You have everything you need right now
This morning
This afternoon
This hour
This minute
This very second
To be your very best you.
Don’t fear your superpowers
Own your weaknesses and work on them
Seek out mentors
Ask for help
Just don’t procrastinate
Stop waiting to meet the right guy
The right woman
The perfect mentor
What if you don’t?
What if you never meet them?
What if you met them but didn’t even realize?
Truth is, we create our own what ifs
By waiting on the edge of the cliff
Watching others jump
Watching those dreaming of jumping
And never ever jumping ourselves
Well, you really only live this life that you are living once
And if reincarnation turns out to be real
Do you think you’d be deserving of living again?
I mean, if you wasted all of this life day dreaming of being great
You may very well do the same thing again
And if I were God or on his selection committee
You’d be in File 13
Well, thankfully,
God does not have a heart like man.
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