Running on E

Do you know why?

Why I’ve been so lost

So manic

So mf loco

Jittering like a caged Rabbit

Perpetually anxious 

Stressed af

0.00009% close to losing it 

Though I’ve only really lost once

I used to give up though 

Just give in to my anxiety

Let it overwhelm me 

And take me to bliss

A calm I only find in my mind

I like it there

It’s safe

And most important 

It’s free

I’m free

And that’s all I need 

My solitude is my religion…


I’m ok with being wrongly judged 

I no longer wish to be understood 

I accept my queerness 

Divergence is my faction

Indeed I’m Erudite

But I don’t belong there

Think about the nutty professor

Alone in his laboratory 

In his peace place down under 

Or out far

Well, that’s me. 


God knows I need it. 

I need to feel as though I’m breathing again. 

Breathe Imani 


If only it were so basic



Meaningless to my terrified heart 

And laboring lung. 


Ash saved me once. 

Thus far, 

Only he understands.

And that’s why the eagle is my kindred. 

Powerful but vulnerable. 

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