Ask for what you Want

Not what you think you deserve.

Ask for what you want. 

Truth is you will always know what the response will be

Yes or No. 

So you can mentally prepare for either. 

Exhibit A: (that sounded better in my head than it reads on ‘paper’)

Anyho, I just wanted to share the experience that taught me this lesson. 

In the final semester of my undergraduate degree I wanted to stop and go home to my mum because I just didn’t feel ready for the inevitable – being an adult. Working a 9-5 and paying rent and bills and all. I regressed. I withdrew into my little shell and I was severely depressed and anxious. Having taken on 7 courses, much of which were coursework I couldn’t just study the night before and pass like I usually do 🙈

I begged God, “At this point I don’t care for the first class anymore, I’ll settle for an Upper Second Class. I just need 3.0 that’s all I’m asking.”

I graduated with exactly that; a 3.0, Upper Second Class degree. 

Just saying. Ask for exactly what you want. Nothing less. 

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