I am Mine

20sI am myself first

I just can’t right now

Well, I won’t I should say.

I won’t give my heart to just anyone

I won’t bare my soul

On any kind of platter to indulge you

Of course, I absolutely love dating

It’s after all a free meal, free fun and sometimes a good conversation

Depending on the depth and breath of your cognition.

You see, I am more than a catch

And sadly some may say, I know so.

My confidence is often misjudged

Egotistic, Narcissistic, Arrogant, Conceited…

And the list goes on

But I know what I know

And hey, that’s all that matters.

What I came to say is

I refuse to sacrifice my ‘singledom’ for less than

I will not compromise or lower my expectations

I am completely content on my own

My pillars? Friends and family

No honey, I self serve







“…my brother told me fuck em get that money sis…”


“…See I gotta get this money, my palms itchin’…”


No one will ever love you better than you love you and I’ve spent 22 long years learning to love all my cracks and crevices so fuck no! I aint accepting no ‘suh suh’ lust nor ‘nuh willy nilly half love from a soul’. I love me enough for all of us 😌😌😌❤️


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