Quiet Confidence

Quiet Confidence

To love is to empathize.

This is my truth.

Not smitten by your wealth,

Your status,

Your accomplishments.

Well, it makes me proud.

I am happy for you.


But it does not make you more attractive.

I might be in a position of want

But never desperate.

I know what I want.

Someone who is happy alone.

I want someone who is competent and confident.

I want someone with goals and drive.

Who only wants to happy,

Whatever the fuck that looks like.

I want someone who is already complete you see.

I want some I can compliment and who can compliment me.

I want a lover of music, animals, kids, adventure and divergence.

I want a kinky motherfucker who is proudly so.

I want someone who does not know everything and

are okay with that knowledge.

Emotional intelligence is sexy.

I intend to fly before I fall.

You must be confident enough to catch me.

Cuz I’ll fall hard.

But, I won’t trust just about anyone

Especially with my peace.

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