This is also another short story from the “Kinky Sailor” . He is an accomplished and well travelled man. His stories inspire me and I hope to share some less disturbing [though funny and creative 😄😄] fictional ones in the coming blog posts.




Michelle Noseworthy was quite pleased with herself. She had enjoyed her first ever holiday outside of her native Newfoundland at an all inclusive resort in CanCun  Mexico, and was now packing her suitcase to be all ready for the 0700 pick up to take her to the airport for her flight back home.

In fact she had ventured out of the resort just this past evening at the insistence of the cute Mexican waiter Enrici, who had been friendly with her all week. He had invited her to a meal, which his mother had prepared for them in her humble home at the edge of town, which also housed his five other siblings.

The meal consisted of staple Mexican food, including goat and bean stew, with enchiladas and cornmeal bread.

Enrici had picked her up and delivered her back to the hotel on his moped, and she had allowed him to fondle her breasts as they hugged each other goodbye behind the hotels emergency generator room. Enrici had started to breathe rather heavily and she was sure she felt a hardness pressing against her thigh, so it was a hasty cuddle on her part, as she wanted nothing to do with a Mexican penis.

As she was getting ready for her last sleep in the hotel room, she felt her stomach cramp a little, giving a gurgling sound, and a little fart escaped from her bottom. Thinking it was probably a bit of indigestion from the meal, she climbed into bed and was soon asleep. Little did she know that tomorrow was going be a nightmare end to her holiday.  The water main that Enrici’s mother collected water from for cooking, had ruptured, and stagnant contaminated run off water  from the local cattle slaughter house had entered the system, polluting the normal clean supply with various bacteria, including one that caused foot long tapeworms to grow in the stomach of anyone who had drank the water, or eaten something that had water added to it.

Michelle awoke at 0600 with the alarm call. Again her stomach felt heavy, and she had a queasy feeling as she continued to complete packing, and did not feel like eating breakfast.

The airport was only a 20 min bus ride, she cleared customs and immigration then proceeded to her allotted gate for departure to Toronto, and then onto St. John’s.

Her stomach was now causing her great discomfort, and small smelly farts were escaping from her bottom every minute or so.

Boarding took place on time and she settled into the window seat in the back half of the plane, which was at 100% capacity. As the plane taxied towards the runway Michelle had the sudden urge to visit the bathroom, but she would have to wait till the plane took off and seat belt sign switched off.  She was beginning to feel shivers and sweat was forming on her brow, as she clenched her buttocks against the pressure that was building up in her lower intestine.

After take off, the pilot announced that they were expecting turbulence for the next ten minutes or so, and that for everyone to remain seated with their seat belts on. Sure enough, the plane started to bounce and shake, causing more discomfort for Michelle.

Suddenly the plane dropped about two hundred feet into an air pocket, causing  anxiety and fear amongst the passengers.  That was the final straw for Michelles tortured stomach. Her sphinter muscle gave way under the severe pressure from her bowels, releasing solids, liquids and wind all at once into her thong panties, which did little to capture the hot mess which was quickly filling her skirt and seeping through to the seat. The offending smell affected nearby passengers who were already stressed out with the planes violent motion, but because of the commotion onboard, no one close by her was immediately aware that the offending stench was coming from her.

After about five minutes, the turbulence started to subside, and the pilot finally turned off the seat belt sign.

Michelle then gingerly asked the two passengers in the same row as her to let her out to proceed to the washroom at the back of the plane. As she stood up and made her way in to aisle, the offending mess began running down her legs and into her shoes, with some solid matter landing on the aisle floor. Two other people were ahead of her in the queue for the washroom, causing her to wait in the aisle for her turn.  The plane gave another shudder as it hit more turbulence, causing Michelle’s bowels to release again, leaving a pool of brown liquid with some solid matter in the aisle floor. By this time the passengers closest to her had realized her predicament, and were trying their best to move away from her. The bathroom door then opened and a mother and child came out and proceeded down the aisle to their respective seats. The two year old child was walking ahead of her mother, and when she passed Michelle, she slipped on the smelly mess and landed on her bottom, covering herself in the muck, including her hands as she tried to balance herself. The youngster then got up on her feet again and proceeded down the aisle, leaving traces of the offending material smeared on the outer seat hand rests.

By this time Michelle had made to the toilet door, where a flight attendant noticed her condition, including her white pale face, the sweat beads on her brow, and the state of her clothes and legs, including the  brown waste and terrible smell.  The attendant quickly realized the predicament Michelle was in, and assisted her into the toilet, where she stripped herself of her soiled clothing and used the additional towels provided by the attendant to clean herself, and then wrap herself in the blanket also provided by the attendant.

After assessing Michelles condition, and the state of her seat and the aisle, the attendant informed the pilot who assessed that with the unhygienic condition of the cabin, and Michelles medical condition, he made the decision to request an emergency landing at the closest airport ,which was Dallas, Texas.

Upon touch down, the plane had to wait on the tarmac 30 minutes for clearance from the local authorities, causing further discomfort to the passengers, and also to Michelle who was now very weak and faint headed. An ambulance finally arrived and Michelle was transferred to a local hospital. The other passengers were finally disembarked into the terminal and transported to a hotel for the night, to await the arrival of another aircraft the next day, to continue on to their destination.

Michelle spent three days in hospital before she was fit enough to be discharged and continue onwards to home.

The cost to the airline was over US$50,000 for landing fees, cleaning and sanitation of the plane, hotel rooms for the other two hundred passengers, and to bring in another aircraft to continue their journey.

Michelle was also presented with a hospital bill of US$8000, and did not have insurance to cover her for the USA.

All because of a bad enchilada and a friendly Mexican waiter, it is needless to state that Michelle will not be travelling abroad again for quite some time, nor mentioning her holiday adventuress on Facebook.



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I am human patiently accepting myself. I am unapologetic about being wild, and untamed. I am always open to new things and I only accept good vibe and positive energies. I love people and life and the world is my playground. I love children, animals and elderly people. I write to express and understand my thoughts, feeling and behaviors. It's self therapy and a visualization tool. I am a selfish loner at times a very sensitive INTJ. I am an aspiring psychological disorders and consumer behavior researcher and practitioner, living with Bipolar 1.

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