For My Guardian Angel

souls coming together

I always believed in fairytales,


Pixie dust and the sort.

I love the idea of alternate universes

The Spirit World fascinates me.

Think of eternal souls dancing to an endless tango

Sipping wine in a secret garden listening to Waltz

And an old classical pianist.

Think about sunbathing and swimming on a deserted island

Animal meat roasting over an open fire, drinking a freshly cut coconut.

I close my eyes and listen to nature strumming,

A sweet, soulful caress.

Imagine the spa coming to you

Massages of coconut oil infused with eucalyptus…


A cool drink of water after a long, hard day.

Well, that’s how it felt.

I know he’s not mine to own

But when he’s around you’d never know.

A bubble of positivity

I laughed, and laughed and laughed

And I felt light.

I felt lifted.

My chakras burst open,

And I saw with new eyes.

That’s what he does,

Peter Pan with a wand,

He holds your hand through life.



for aa.

i’m happy our souls crossed paths in this life too 💞


Categories Daily Motivation/Inspiration

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