I’VE BEEN A FAILURE & I’m probably going to do it again.

One year later and this is a resounding reminder that life is indeed cyclic and that we should learn to trust the process. 😇

Dweet Fraid


I’ve never considered myself a perfectionist but I can be quite controlling. Well, I’m rigid with my goals. I get so sad when things don’t work out the way I planned for it to. You know, they say hard work is the key to success but we often forget to mention the anomalies. The times when no matter how hard you worked at achieving a particular outcome, circumstances outside of your direct influence will sometimes disrupt your plans and no amount of contingency planning can achieve the same outcome you had written in stone before hand.

Well, I am a slow learner, especially of life/ real world principles but when I do grasp a concept I can describe it, explain it, compare and contrast it, and ultimately manipulate it and assimilate it into comprehending other concepts. That I believe is sound learning. You better believe I have learnt a whole…

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