Believe Them the First Time

“When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. ”

I’m dating this guy I really like. He’s smart, well read, successful, handsome and boy oh boy the sex is A-W-E-S-O-M-E 🤣 Y’all know I have no shame. The first date was lovely. Great food, good conversation and no trying to invade my personal space too quickly. All was great. Well, until he was taking me home. We took an uber to his car and he opened the door and clambered in before me 😦 I was a little taken aback but I was like “cho, he’s young. Not all of these young men know how to be a gentleman. That I can always teach him.” I guess this is kinda why I have a thing for older men. These things are second nature. You don’t have to teach him how to treat a lady. He already learnt.

Well, red flag #2, on route home he made some rude comment about our waitress and an Indian woman who Jay walked right in front of us. Of course I rationalized this again; “well, she could have caused an accident so I might have been angry too and the waitress did snatch his knife away rather rudely.” Ummm 🤔

Red flag #3 and by far the brightest one – after our second date and the cookie has already been sampled he has gotten awfully busy 😒 he went away on a short vacation and legit only messaged me when he was at the airport coming back. Now there was no rational explanation for this. Well, none I could conjure. He was after all on vacation. If you are dating someone you like and are serious about you think about that person rather often and undoubtedly you will let them know this by shooting a text message here and there or a call.

Well, I like him and I really do want to seriously date one person. So I did what I have never done with another suitor in my 23 years, I initiated conversations and made the phone calls.

1. I hardly ever get him by call

2. He responds to text messages 4/5 hrs later.

Listen, I have dated executives and CEOs and not one was ever too busy to send a quick response by text or give me a quick 30sec call just to check in. So yeah, as much as I am pining I will believe what I am being told non-verbally by this man’s actions. He is either seeing someone else or he’s hoping to have his cake and eat it too.

Unfortunately, I’m not that girl.

So let me make it clear to the universe that that is not what I want. Absolutely not. I am deserving of so much more. I love fiercely and I genuinely care for others. I reciprocate the love and respect I receive from others. So, I will respectfully leave this table, for what I want is not being served.

Again, let me reiterate the lesson learnt here:

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. “

~ Maya Angelo

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2 thoughts on “Believe Them the First Time

  1. Amen to that Imani.. I think we should all learn to leave certain tables instead of short changing ourselves. It’s sometimes difficult for me especially when I’m really into someone but I’ve learnt its best to get the hell up from that table…. sis

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    1. That’s right! Choose what chooses you. Chase what chases you right.


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