You Gave Me Your Best

This I write to you my ex

D, you gave me your best

We were but kids

Yet you were more a man then

Than I’ve ever met

I guess that’s why I’m single

No one has been worth the mingle.

As I lie here in absolute pain

I remember how you’d cry if I did

You’d ask in earnest,

Kay, what can I do to help?

You’d give me leg rubs and full body massages

You were my only relief

You made the pain bearable.

When I couldn’t sleep

You’d give me warm baths, tea and whatever I’d need.

You held me tight.

You loved me right.

You were my drugs,

My opium.

You suffered at the hands of my meltdowns and overreactions

And never once did you walk away.

I packed your bags so many times and kicked you out the door. 😔

All it took was four words and you’d be right back at my door;

I need you D.

I love you D.

I am sorry D.

And sometimes just “D”

You, you my 1st love,

I appreciate you for loving me right.

You loved me perfectly,

In spite of our fights.

I pray I find a partner, who is half a man as you.


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