Things Are Happening

Dweet Fraid

Things are happening. This very moment, as I write this, things are happening. Doors are  opening, wounds are healing. Storms are clearing, the ocean is brewing, waves are crashing; wiping away old things and bringing in new ones. I am not trying to be poetic here, but I am definitely being prophetic; I am declaring it, I am accepting it and I am worshipping God for it. I sit here in bed, having felt an overwhelming gratitude last morning and an immense pain last evening. I haven’t let go and that’s what my soul was grieving. You know the guy I last wrote about? The one I felt such strong chemistry with, but then he was just too busy among other things? Well, I have dated at least 4 other men since, all while still thinking about him. I just kept comparing others to him and thinking about how short…

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