My smile

My confidence

My air of regality

My calmness in the middle of storms

My anger

My neurotic cleaning

My writing

My incessant sharing

My pressured, long winded speech

My stubbornness

My willingness to walk away

My huge ego

My constant “checking in on you”

My jokes

My laughs.

Scientists call it a placebo effect.

Artists call it a mask.

The world calls it suppression.

I call it strength.

I call it unconditional love.

I call it compassion.

I call it empathy.

I call it selflessness.

I call it caring.

I call it loyalty.

I call it taking control.

I call it passion.

I call it self love.

I call it resilience.

I call it power.

I call it self – mastery

I call it peace.

I call it gratitude.

I call it happiness.

I call it reaching if but one person.

I call it self advocacy.

I call it confusing the enemy

I call it willing my brain to conform to happiness

We were socialized so well for at least 18 years and some longer; to bend ourselves into society’s pre-manufactured moulds that we fear empty, quiet spaces because we have no thoughts of our own to fill it with.

Start where you are.

Draw characters if you have no words.

Write if you have no voice.

Speak if you cannot write.

Share with 1 and forget about many.

Love and let love candidly. ❤️

~ Faith

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