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It’s surreal retracing my thoughts. This. This is still relevant today.

Dweet Fraid


Just let me run in peace…I have had enough human interactions to last me for a lifetime I just need my solitude now….

So originally I had started writing about how my day went yesterday. Well, in two sentences, I met a wealthy older man who wanted to “teach me a few things about life and open doors for me” Woooiiiieee!! hehe! If only you know how long I had been attracting a sugar daddy. But lo and behold, when we finally met, he was not as endearing as he was online. This brother looked at me to inform me that he does not buy women gifts, he does not give women money and neither will he buy me a pet. Hey!!! Dwl!!! you know I just ate my full at dinner and was damn well ready to leave?

I think when you get to a certain stage in life…

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