People think I talk too much…

And by people I mean me too.

They think I share too much.

Sometimes I share to get some out

Some of me

That’s spilling over the edges of my mind

You’d think it couldn’t fill up

It’s vast.




How does it well up?

I may never know.

But when I put pen to paper

It soothes my aching soul

And it opens up a little window

To let some light in.

Cohen said it in Hallelujah

It’s through the cracks that the light comes in

Every now and then I’m shattered

But I have become a potter

I examine my brokenness under my mind’s microscope

I lay them my pieces out decadently

Gentle stroking my ego

I put me back together

With gold


Categories Daily Motivation/Inspiration

2 thoughts on “Spilling…Breaking…

  1. This is actually the name of my book “Kintsukuroi”…🤗🤗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Do share. I’d love to take a read


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