Stupid bitch

Actually you’re smart


You say one thing and do another

You say, “I know exactly what I want”

And you do, fair enough

But you STILL accept chicken when you asked for pork

Are you dunce? Or mute?


What’s your problem?

“I don’t need validation”

Yet you STILL be forcing your way into a brother’s life?

Are you that scared of being alone??

You’re such a fucking conundrum

Make up your mind and stick to it man

I’m so over this nonsense.

You are grown.

Or at least so you say

It’s time you start acting like it.

We are not having this conversation again.

I am over you and this fucking childish shit.

Wait. Sabali. Wait Imani. Fuck!!


Stop this shit.

Your vagina and your heart suffers too much wear and tear.

This body you get is a depreciating asset.

Bill pon di mileage

You’re legit fucking up the resale value.


Did any of that penetrate your density??


Get your fucking shit together woman.



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