Together Alone

It’s what I hope to never settle for. I hope I never settle with anyone I can’t talk to about how I am the way I am…why I put up quotes in my bedrooms to remind me to stay…why I sometimes cry spontaneously and there is no single reason…why I love and hate humans with an equal fervency…why I’m so driven and confident yet so lackadaisical and anxious…why I sometimes feel everything and sometimes absolutely nothing…

How can I say I’m not single if I shoulder so much of myself alone? How can I say I have a partner when I don’t even know who their best friend is?

What am I doing? I don’t know , honestly I’m just as much in the dark as anyone else is. The universe knows I suppose. It always knows right?

I was great 5 mins ago when you asked me…now I don’t know.

I know however that I don’t want to be together alone… being alone together is a completely different thing.


I was ok…

I am…

I will be.

With Hope,

~ Faith

P.S. #dweetfraid #faithit #chiselon

Categories Daily Motivation/Inspiration

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