I Wanna Write

“I wanna write” my soul cries.

“I wanna write”, it’s how we release our tensions

Putting pen to paper, oh how time flies.

“Ahhhhhhh…breathe”, liberate the breath held by so many suspensions

I write because it’s cathartic, it’s my therapy. Sometimes emotions gets so overwhelming that I feel choked. It’s as if I’m being held by the neck mid air by the strong hands of feelings. I use both hands to release this monsters grip as I whisper gently from the heart “write love, write.”

Sometimes feelings is so wound up that his fingers move as though they’re arthritic, they are sore and slow. But once he starts writing the veins and arteries of the heart dilate and they become warmer and more fluid. That’s what it does, writing I mean, it gets the blood flowing. The mind gradually becomes freer, less friction in the head space.

Ah that deep sigh. I live for it. Meditate, realign, focus on centre…breathe….

Categories Daily Motivation/Inspiration

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