Yes, He’s My Sugar Daddy

“Sugar Daddy that?”

“What happened to him? Accident? Disease”

“Come like him sit pon a rass piece a wealth deh man”

“Nuhbada tell mi seh mi too fass, but wah happen to yuh husband?”

This is an offence; that’s why you are single. 😁

The gall, audacity and blatant lack of etiquette and ignorance is appalling. These were messages I received from some of the lesser learned folks in my friend list. The more polite ones simply said Congrats. Which for me was just fine.

Honestly, I have less than 5 close friends. I don’t quite like people but I was raised to be polite. But please, don’t insult my husband nor I with such crude and incredulous interrogations. Who the flying fuck are you sir or madam? We are merely associates. Were you not taught that it is rude to ask such deeply personal questions of someone you hardly know?

Please refrain from this line of questioning, I will simply ignore you lest I be dragged any further down to your level.

The end.

Now kindly pay attention to your lane.


The Sugar Baby 👶🏾 😁😌😏

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2 thoughts on “Yes, He’s My Sugar Daddy

  1. Dwllll the ending was 🤣🤣🤣🤣… the sugar baby lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! Gotta lay it on thick hun


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