I Can’t Sh*t in Peace

Honestly, just cut a girl some slack. Every minute of every single waking hour you are constantly badgering me. Yes yes, I understand your concerns and they are valid but please I just want to be able to take a dump without you barraging me with 101 questions and what ifs. I just want to feel like I can breathe without hearing your bickering. I used to have solace in my dreams but now even there you are. You’ve perforated my hiding place and now I feel naked, stripped of my solace. I put my hands over my ears and will you to be quiet or at least beg my ears to not capture the never ending sounds of your “neyeng neyeng inna mi ears ole”

I sit, I get comfy, I cover my shoulders, I breathe in and out deeply, I squeeze my tummy a little, I push as hard as I can, I beg my body please stop listening to this erratic child and listen to meeeee!!! God damn it!!

*Breathe Imani* it’ll be fine. You’ll shit later. Fuck. I hate Anxiety. 😩

Categories Daily Motivation/Inspiration

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