Gratitude Journal Entry 18.10.2019

I am so happy and grateful for God, for the universe and for my higher self. I am happy and grateful that I am able to introspect, reach out when I need help and to actively work on my health. I am healthy, I am happy and I am immensely blessed and highly favoured. The universe is manifesting all the things I have conjured. I am wealthy, rich in love, I have more than enough to give and bless others, I am privileged to the uncorrupted love of a child and God is working assiduously to bring me back to Self (over and over again). I am grateful for my experiences in life and my testimonies.

I am truly happy to have met the people I have met when I met them and I am happy for the parts they play in my life. I fully understand that my success is on the backs of many and that it does not belong to just me. For that I am grateful.

Help me to be patient especially with myself and to accept that I am an ever evolving being that fits no dimensions, transient, fluid and astral.

I am Electra; goddess of the Storm Bearing Clouds; destructive in a manner that brings light and newness.

Dear Self,

I love you whole; past, present, and future. I love the you who has no physical form, the you with great stories of past lives with fulfilling past loves and great successes. Yeah you, I see you babe. *snaps fingers* yaaasss 😄


Faith. 💞

Categories Daily Motivation/Inspiration

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