A Revolution Perhaps?

I’ve been feeling things a lot lately when I am alone. I met a lovely soul recently who said “that’s why I stay busy, because people who spend time too much idle time alone think too much”.

I think it’s true. Which is why even though I like being alone I prefer to be be actively engaged in something other than watching a movie because it doesn’t require much if any brain power you know. If anything it slows you down, mentally, intellectually. I think I need to start watching other things than movies alone. I used to enjoy historical documentaries; I am fascinated by revolutions, the impetus behind them and how new eras were spun from them.

Perhaps I am going through my own revolution. There has been a lot of chaos in my life lately but in a sort of poetic, beautiful way. Things fell apart so new things could “fall together” or whatever they say.

Well, let’s see how this goes. I’ll update you on this “revolution” 😄 On another note, I throw around some rather complex ideologies in an attempt to explain the universe between my eyes don’t I? I suppose that is how we are taught to explain our world by using similes and metaphors and drawing analogies. Is there another way? Mmmm….perhaps there is.

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