I’d like to talk

Sometimes I’d like to talk…I really would, but it’s then I become mute.

I spilled wine on my laptop

I wasted time and money on fruitless human interactions

My period shows up

My urgent business is stalled

They’re fighting

I haven’t cooked in two weeks

I haven’t gone grocery shopping especially for fruits

I’m writing to the internet rather than talking to my “loved ones”

I air quoted loved ones


I’m feeling utterly miserable, physical and emotional pain

And absolute mental agony…anguish

I’m not torn. I’m whole and rotting from the inside. The worst; for its harder to reach, harder to see and consequently harder to heal.

Aye, alas one must go on, persevere, #faithit [face it, fake it, fate it]


~ Faith

Categories Daily Motivation/Inspiration

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