Jealous lover

He prefers to have me all to himself

Holed up

Locked away

Not even my family is ok.

I wonder how they survive?

The people who never get out?

How do I live with a bastard like this all the time?

You literally rob the air of it’s oxygen

The deny me breath

You deny me basic hygiene

You starve me

You diminish and degrade me

Constant Emotional abuse

My ribs feel like prison,

My heart and lungs the prisoners

I can’t breathe…

Thank God this isn’t paper

For it would betray the assault on my eyes

Sunny winter afternoon yet you show me fog,

It’s foggy, clouded.

I despise your very existence

Domestic abuse it is

I don’t know how to get out

It’s not that I love you

And I don’t think I can “fix you”

I’m not scared either

I’m just stuck,


At least I get to sneak out,

But I feel utterly distraught for those who haven’t been able to,

Some for years.

For you are the absolute worst kind of lover.

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