I’m so good at running on autopilot; Living with my VR googles on…Sometimes my eyes gloss over and it looks like I’m seeing but I really am not. Dissociating a lot lately 😟

I remember hanging out with a friend I’d met on my first stint in Canada 2015. I was manic that entire year 🤷🏾‍♀️ – undiagnosed and untreated. He was reminiscing about some of the stuff we did and I had little to no recollection of those events 😄 he had pictures and messages to prove it happened. Me: Ooops 🤷🏾‍♀️ I must have been dissociating. Which often happens unconsciously due to stress. My logic is, the brain does this to protect me from the stress so I can continue living and functioning relatively “normally”.

Published by Faith

I am human patiently accepting myself. I am unapologetic about being wild, and untamed. I am always open to new things and I only accept good vibe and positive energies. I love people and life and the world is my playground. I love children, animals and elderly people. I write to express and understand my thoughts, feeling and behaviors. It's self therapy and a visualization tool. I am a selfish loner at times a very sensitive INTJ. I am an aspiring psychological disorders and consumer behavior researcher and practitioner, living with Bipolar 1.

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