Don’t You Worry There Will Never be Another Revolution??

I hope I don’t share these sentiments alone. Think about it? Our generation is filled with a bunch of passive activists! I just think you all are cowards! If only I cared as much about some of the things you all rant about on social media everyday you know what would happen?? I would doContinue reading “Don’t You Worry There Will Never be Another Revolution??”

Great Sex Begins in the Mind!

So that sounds a little creepy but give me a chance to explain. Hear me out here. Take a look through your Instagram and Facebook timeline, every nigga and every girl whether from the ghetto or uptown, high class, experienced or still a virgin. Everyone wants romance and want a connection with something non-physical. Yes!Continue reading “Great Sex Begins in the Mind!”

Get the Sex Right! Please!! 😟

No not me at all! I got this stimulation thing down to a science. I can’t even remember ever feeling sex starved. I tell people, it’s really not just penetration you know, it’s an emotional experience. Why do you think the brain releases that sweet cocktail of hormones after an orgasm; the stress reliever serotoninContinue reading “Get the Sex Right! Please!! 😟”

Are you concerned about the things of God?

So I visited the King’s Sanctuary today.This is a prime spot for the students of the ‘University Town’ (UWI and UTECH) to attend  Sunday church service. Pastor D. Thomas closed the service today by highlighting qualities of people who are concerned about the things of God. Let us assess what he says to determine ifContinue reading “Are you concerned about the things of God?”

Life Insurance: What the average Jamaican thinks

Most Jamaicans have but a vague idea of what insurance is and why they need it. They understand that they need car insurance because if something should happen to their car accidentally while on the road their insurance company will pay to have whatever (or whomever) got damaged replaced and in the event that thisContinue reading “Life Insurance: What the average Jamaican thinks”