I now wear it proudly Perception I always say Taking my own advice I shall stamp it everywhere A fashion line I am an idiot Haha! The irony Let’s redefine it to include the ‘monkeys’ Since the idiots call us idiots we might as well be Let’s call them smart. Smart Idiots.


  Some are nearsighted It’s genetics, not a fault It’s imperative we celebrate our differences Interdependence Complimentary That’s why there is ying and yang We need the optimists and pessimists The dreamers and doers We need the artists and the mechanics It takes everyone to see the whole.


  Writing is precious It translates fear, pain, anger, love, anguish, loneliness… It captures them all Words gave us life A cathartic outlet An ecstatic rendezvous Bare your soul carelessly As I will bask empathetically Let us live vicariously I simply love to write And I hope you do too.