Coming Out of a Depressive Episode Feels Like…

Walking into the life of an old friend and seeing how scattered it is. Feeling utterly sorry you have been such a terrible friend and mourning their squandered potential. Coming home to the kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes, the food on the stove burning, the garbage needs to be taken out, the compost hasContinue reading “Coming Out of a Depressive Episode Feels Like…”

Cold eh?

I’m cold eh? Perhaps it’s because you’re not ready for my intensity. I’m distant… Perhaps it’s depth and not width I don’t want to be cuddled…. Perhaps I don’t trust you to hold me together if I fall apart in your arms I don’t talk much….Perhaps it’s because I don’t want to talk about theContinue reading “Cold eh?”

I Didn’t Like Adults

I have always had a staunch dislike for adults. Perhaps I should specify the type of adults that I didn’t like because I’m supposedly one too (welp!). I don’t like the adults that tell you to adjust your dreams or goals, the ones who say you might want to be a tad more “realistic”, orContinue reading “I Didn’t Like Adults”

I’d like to talk

Sometimes I’d like to talk…I really would, but it’s then I become mute. I spilled wine on my laptop I wasted time and money on fruitless human interactions My period shows up My urgent business is stalled They’re fighting I haven’t cooked in two weeks I haven’t gone grocery shopping especially for fruits I’m writingContinue reading “I’d like to talk”

Smelly 😾 – Let’s talk about the Vagina

Ladies let’s talk about BV – Bacterial Vaginosis Way too many women are not in touch with their vaginal and sexual health. Because oral sex us still so taboo in many cultures namely mine (Jamaican/Caribbean/African American). Women are not in touch with their body odour and their vaginal discharge. 1. Download Flo – it’s aContinue reading “Smelly 😾 – Let’s talk about the Vagina”

Mental Health & the Church

Abba’s Heart is for You — Read on This is such a timely message that resonates deeply with me as one who has departed from the church because of how my illness was perceived. I was told I was oppressed and or possessed by demons and that if I don’t get right withContinue reading “Mental Health & the Church”

Yes, He’s My Sugar Daddy

“Sugar Daddy that?” “What happened to him? Accident? Disease” “Come like him sit pon a rass piece a wealth deh man” “Nuhbada tell mi seh mi too fass, but wah happen to yuh husband?” This is an offence; that’s why you are single. 😁 The gall, audacity and blatant lack of etiquette and ignorance isContinue reading “Yes, He’s My Sugar Daddy”