Old, Odd, Broken People

I keep trying to love all the old, odd, broken people because I feel odd and broken too and I hope someone would see the parts of me that deserve to be loved too. But alas, I see it doesn’t work like that. It only took 2.5 decades to come to this conclusion. Not longContinue reading “Old, Odd, Broken People”

Sometimes I Need People

Yeah Yeah… I said it out loud. Sometimes I need people. My friends would say, “You???? The Great Imani???, Madame, I like to be alone????” Hahahaha! I’m not feeling particularly happy But thinking about their reaction was hilarious. 😄😄😄 Well, I do have my moments Of ‘weakness’ Actually, Now I am accepting each day thatContinue reading “Sometimes I Need People”

‘Maniac’ est. 1994

  I was born this way. I obsess. Both John Nash And Monk Insanely productive Should I choose to. I fixate on different things at different times Lifetime nymphomaniac, A dinomaniac Dipsomaniac Etc. Etc. High functioning Psychopath Autophobic. And sometimes God. Kill without remorse A Sadist. Utter joy in inflicting pain It feels good. IContinue reading “‘Maniac’ est. 1994”