Coming Out of a Depressive Episode Feels Like…

Walking into the life of an old friend and seeing how scattered it is. Feeling utterly sorry you have been such a terrible friend and mourning their squandered potential.

Coming home to the kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes, the food on the stove burning, the garbage needs to be taken out, the compost has maggots in it, the Crisper is filled with rotting vegetables and the kids are playing in the flour on the floor naked and wearing your favourite wig.

Opening the door for the first time and stepping out into the blinding sunlight in your eyes and having no idea where your shades are.

Having a shit ton of basic adult and life stuff to catch up on.

Waking up from a terrible accident with amnesia; the last couple months are a total blur, “I did what now?”

Waking up from hibernation 15lbs heavier and craving things you had no idea you even liked

Looking in the mirror and wondering what that bastard did to your body.

Opening a bunch of tabs trying breathlessly to get on top of everything you deferred.

Trying to make this person staring back at you in the mirror look more like you; you know, the real you. Whoever the heck that is.

Cold eh?

I’m cold eh? Perhaps it’s because you’re not ready for my intensity.

I’m distant… Perhaps it’s depth and not width

I don’t want to be cuddled…. Perhaps I don’t trust you to hold me together if I fall apart in your arms

I don’t talk much….Perhaps it’s because I don’t want to talk about the weather

I enjoy solitary activities…perhaps because I enjoy sitting with my thoughts, I don’t have an inherent need to fill the silence

Aye, there’s a reason starry nights and distant galaxies are beautiful; wonder

Don’t fill the silence; sit with it

Can you learn to love me half?

Can you learn to love me whole, half?

Knowing that I might not let you see me in the dark?

Can you learn to love my light, my blossom, my rose buds and not my thorns?

Can you learn to love me when I’m not there, when I’m with my other half?

Can you learn to love me without knowing my past?

Love me live and not half past?

Can you learn to love me,

Me; but just half?

Can you learn to love me half?

I Didn’t Like Adults

I have always had a staunch dislike for adults. Perhaps I should specify the type of adults that I didn’t like because I’m supposedly one too (welp!). I don’t like the adults that tell you to adjust your dreams or goals, the ones who say you might want to be a tad more “realistic”, or say “maybe that’s not for you”…the Debby downers and  hope suckers lol.

Ok, ok, I sound like I am having one of those immature rants and I probably am. As Lorna Goodison said in her piece “For My Mother…May I Inherit Half Her Strength”;

My mother loved my father

I write this as an absolute

in this my thirtieth year, a year to discard absolutes

This remains one of my favourite poems from High School and that line impressed upon me that one ought to outgrow certain beliefs . It implies that as a 30 year old she should no longer believe in anything being universally valid.

I guess with all that life has thrown at me thus far I still have absolutes. I am not hopeless (at least not 100% of the time) and I do not feel as though my faith is resigned to my present circumstances. It had always seemed to me that some adults became so dried up of hope because they didn’t get live their childhood dreams. To each his own I’d say, but I would come to dislike and perhaps even pity those who tried to dispel the hopes of children and youth. Betsey, I understand that you didn’t get to become an actress even though you were deemed excellent at it and cropped many an award in various competitions but it does’t make it ok to tell Joanna to focus on more “practical” career aspirations because they won’t make it as an actress.

I didn’t like that at all. I still don’t. There is something beautiful about believing you will live your dreams but it is even more powerful to believe the same for others. Speak into people’s dreams every chance you get no matter how far off they may seem from said. Persistence always wins. 


I don’t think any of my siblings see me as an adult and I am the eldest. Perhaps it’s because of my views on said, but I hope they’ll see the child/youth in me forever.

That’s one of my favourite trait in others; their youthfulness. In this instance, I don’t mean their energy levels, lol because even I in my quarter century often find myself lethargic, lol. I blame this illness ok; depression sucks! In this instance however, I’m referring to their mental vitality, their exuberance and excitement for the things they believe in, their hope.

Perhaps it is the naivety of my youth and if it is, I pray I remain so. I hope to attract more hopeful people in my life. I hope I live a live that rekindles hope in the hopeless.

Stay hopeful.

#faithinit #faith2040

black and white blur boy child
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Jealous lover

He prefers to have me all to himself

Holed up

Locked away

Not even my family is ok.

I wonder how they survive?

The people who never get out?

How do I live with a bastard like this all the time?

You literally rob the air of it’s oxygen

The deny me breath

You deny me basic hygiene

You starve me

You diminish and degrade me

Constant Emotional abuse

My ribs feel like prison,

My heart and lungs the prisoners

I can’t breathe…

Thank God this isn’t paper

For it would betray the assault on my eyes

Sunny winter afternoon yet you show me fog,

It’s foggy, clouded.

I despise your very existence

Domestic abuse it is

I don’t know how to get out

It’s not that I love you

And I don’t think I can “fix you”

I’m not scared either

I’m just stuck,


At least I get to sneak out,

But I feel utterly distraught for those who haven’t been able to,

Some for years.

For you are the absolute worst kind of lover.

Growing Pains

I wonder what the agnostic does when they feel lost, in pain, alone, sad, scared…?

As of today, I don’t know what I really believe. I was raised a Christian so I pray to God when I am distressed. I believe in God, a higher power, the universe…

I am in distress. At night, I’m barely human. I’m a crying, anxious mess. Guess what I do? I pray, I reach out to something bigger than myself.

I’ll chalk it up to growing pains. Just know your girl is out here trying. Trying really hard to maintain my sanity, stability…

#faithinit #dweetfraid

I’d like to talk

Sometimes I’d like to talk…I really would, but it’s then I become mute.

I spilled wine on my laptop

I wasted time and money on fruitless human interactions

My period shows up

My urgent business is stalled

They’re fighting

I haven’t cooked in two weeks

I haven’t gone grocery shopping especially for fruits

I’m writing to the internet rather than talking to my “loved ones”

I air quoted loved ones


I’m feeling utterly miserable, physical and emotional pain

And absolute mental agony…anguish

I’m not torn. I’m whole and rotting from the inside. The worst; for its harder to reach, harder to see and consequently harder to heal.

Aye, alas one must go on, persevere, #faithit [face it, fake it, fate it]


~ Faith

5th Dimension

Cloud 10

Realm of realms


Pulsing, throbbing, contracting



And fireworks

Every neurone firing simultaneously

Clarity like never before


Third eye wide open

It’s divine communion

Chakras fluid

Ebbing and flowing

Life reimagined

God! Thank you.

A Revolution Perhaps?

I’ve been feeling things a lot lately when I am alone. I met a lovely soul recently who said “that’s why I stay busy, because people who spend time too much idle time alone think too much”.

I think it’s true. Which is why even though I like being alone I prefer to be be actively engaged in something other than watching a movie because it doesn’t require much if any brain power you know. If anything it slows you down, mentally, intellectually. I think I need to start watching other things than movies alone. I used to enjoy historical documentaries; I am fascinated by revolutions, the impetus behind them and how new eras were spun from them.

Perhaps I am going through my own revolution. There has been a lot of chaos in my life lately but in a sort of poetic, beautiful way. Things fell apart so new things could “fall together” or whatever they say.

Well, let’s see how this goes. I’ll update you on this “revolution” 😄 On another note, I throw around some rather complex ideologies in an attempt to explain the universe between my eyes don’t I? I suppose that is how we are taught to explain our world by using similes and metaphors and drawing analogies. Is there another way? Mmmm….perhaps there is.

Pursued by God

I often stray away from sharing my religious views on this platform because truthfully I am still figuring them out.

I now describe myself as being a spiritual person but not exactly religious. I say this because I have had a parting with Christianity in the way I was brought up with it. I was raised in church, went to church most Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and in my later years I would go out on Saturdays to do street ministry. Being a daughter of God was (kinda still is) an important part of my identity. Our relationship has changed a lot these last few years as I have a less tangible (non physical) view of God and I don’t know how I feel about the whole Jesus story.

Anyhow, I suppose that is a blog for another time. I came here to share this morning about how God pursues me (us). After seeing this picture while browsing Facebook just now it really got me thinking

My relationship with God is a very important part of my identity. I am a praying woman and as I often remind people my given names Imani means Faith and Sonya means Hope. I don’t just pray earnestly, I believe in the power of prayer, I believe it is meditation with ones consciousness and conversation with the universal consciousness. To me, when I pray I speak to the atoms and instruct them to move and to rearrange themselves into what I want. There is nothing more surreal and divine to me than being in that state of communion.

When I am praying I let go of my physical self and step into my astral body; the spiritual realm where I am fluid and everything is possible. I wallow in it; my divinity that is.

This picture got me thinking about how God has pursued me over the years and how he continues to do so every single day. He doesn’t miss a beat. He courts me, sends me gifts, sends angels to commune with me when I’m too far out of touch with him to talk, he’s chivalrous; as he stills opens and closes every door in my life, he’s kind and empathetic towards me and I don’t know about anyone else but he hates to see me cry. I remember distinctly the days after I would cry myself to sleep; the next day he would just open a new door for me and give the grandest gift! 🎁

Honestly, he never falls out of love with me, he still dates me, he still keeps up the spontaneity, I feel safe and protected in his arms, I look in the mirror and know that I am beautiful because he said so. I know that I am strong and competent and that the world is my playground because he said so. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am destined for great things and that I am blessed and highly favoured, that I shall be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, that my storehouses are full and running over why? Because he says so.

I’m happy I came across that image this morning and that it prompted me to write and to express this relationship I have with God and how much I appreciate it.

I hope everyone comes to this realization that God is always pursuing them and bask in it.

Bonne journée! C’est une belle journée! Vivre!

Avec amour,

Faith ❤️😘

#dweetfraid #chiselon #faithit

I Almost Drowned!

There was this episode in Grey’s Anatomy where there was a ship crash I believe and the doctors had to be on scene to help who they could. Meredith was helping a man who accidentally pushed her into the ocean. She didn’t try to swim, she just sunk and she was at peace for a little while then someone rudely fished her out of oblivion but she wouldn’t resuscitate. She was hypothermic and I believe hooked up to machines for a while. She was happier in the Gap between life and death. I mean; you’re not gone enough to be dead but you’re not alive and get to “live” in your headspace where anything is possible.

Numerous dead people she knew was urging her back but she wasn’t particularly interested.

I’m not sure what it took but she came to some time after and was promptly sent to a psychiatrist for counselling as everyone knew she could swim so why didn’t she?

She refused to accept the label; “I am not suicidal, I almost drowned!”

Well right now I can relate to Meredith, It feels like I’m drowning but it looks like I am just refusing to swim, I saw an opening to oblivion and I took it. Only it doesn’t feel very peaceful…

As usual, I am long winded and perhaps my story is convoluted because it’s easier to write prose than to write an autobiography. I hope some day I learn to write my autobiographies as prose, and create characters so I can externalize my pain.

I’m drowning even though I can swim…

Gratitude Journal Entry 18.10.2019

I am so happy and grateful for God, for the universe and for my higher self. I am happy and grateful that I am able to introspect, reach out when I need help and to actively work on my health. I am healthy, I am happy and I am immensely blessed and highly favoured. The universe is manifesting all the things I have conjured. I am wealthy, rich in love, I have more than enough to give and bless others, I am privileged to the uncorrupted love of a child and God is working assiduously to bring me back to Self (over and over again). I am grateful for my experiences in life and my testimonies.

I am truly happy to have met the people I have met when I met them and I am happy for the parts they play in my life. I fully understand that my success is on the backs of many and that it does not belong to just me. For that I am grateful.

Help me to be patient especially with myself and to accept that I am an ever evolving being that fits no dimensions, transient, fluid and astral.

I am Electra; goddess of the Storm Bearing Clouds; destructive in a manner that brings light and newness.

Dear Self,

I love you whole; past, present, and future. I love the you who has no physical form, the you with great stories of past lives with fulfilling past loves and great successes. Yeah you, I see you babe. *snaps fingers* yaaasss 😄


Faith. 💞

Smelly 😾 – Let’s talk about the Vagina

Ladies let’s talk about BV – Bacterial Vaginosis

Way too many women are not in touch with their vaginal and sexual health. Because oral sex us still so taboo in many cultures namely mine (Jamaican/Caribbean/African American). Women are not in touch with their body odour and their vaginal discharge.

1. Download Flo – it’s a great app to log your menstrual cycle and it has a great community for learning about your sexual health holistically.

2. The vagina shouldn’t smell. The vagina’s natural smell is pleasant almost odourless but it’s not, it’s feminine and intimate. It should not be fishy. Touch yourself down their more often and smell it, if the smell lingers you need to adjust something; underwear material, water intake, body wash/soaps, sexual health.

3. Your discharge changes depending on what phase of your cycle you are in. It’s normal to have “egg white”, “creamy”, but neither of these smell. If they do, something is amiss. If it’s cheesecake consistency it’s probably a yeast infection (which is not an STI/STD, just a little imbalance down there). If it’s runny and has an odd smell it’s likely BV. No it will not go away on it’s own. Go to a doctor and get medication. If you smell it others do too. (Same goes for armpit odour)

I find it very unpleasant using public washrooms because going in immediately after another female and smelling what their vaginas smell like is very off putting. If you smell it, we do too. Wear 100% cotton underwear and loose fitting pants. I personally don’t believe in wearing panties all month long; let your 😺 breathe outside of your period. Don’t use strong scented body wash/ soaps down there…

Douching is not healthy. Leave the lace panties and thongs for sexy time with your partner. They were made to be put on and taken off in less than an hour, not for all day wear. Change your sanitary product every 2-4 hours. Honestly, it stinks and I’m tired of smelling it. Get your 😺 together ladies. You can’t be a stinky pussy hot gyal. Pum pum fi fresh and taste good.

The end.

Oh, and have regular check ups with your gynaecologist. Let them poke around and get your Pap smears and breast exams done often. Sex too nice fi have stinky pussies.

Guard Your Heart

I just don’t think people understand how hard I have to fight daily for my sanity, my peace. It took a lot of years of training myself to not be reactive and to learn how to respond to situations that could destabilize me. Like so many of us I had a difficult upbringing, I don’t think my life story is unique so I try not to go around with labels of childhood trauma. But I spent so many years being the strong one and allowing everyone else to breakdown while I picked up the pieces of life and trudged on.

My mom was arrested; everyone cried and I had to soothe my siblings. How could I too cry?

My cousin died; everyone cried, I couldn’t. I washed his bloody clothes and cleaned the bloody room.

My grandfather was old and sick and very demanding; I tolerated and empathized and cleaned him and his room. And I did it with a smile knowing that one day I too might get old and grumpy.

I survived days, months, weeks and years that we’re meant to break me.

So when I fall apart over the seemingly “little things” I cry so hard for all the tears I didn’t shed all those years. I feel the pain of two decades in 1 hour and it hurts. It’s heavy, really heavy and I just wanna learn to put it down.

Lately, I have been avoiding staying in my room because when those doors close I feel as though I am suffocating. It forces me to face all my problems and that’s ok, but anxiety has this fucked up way of talking really fast and saying everything all at once and it’s like a 2 year old screaming at you while asking 101 questions you really don’t have the answers to and quite frankly I can’t always quiet that voice on my own.

So I leave home. I go to the mall, sit at McDonald’s or Starbucks. Last evening I went to the movies after and it was a great movie, funny and insightful. The entire time I was sitting there I kept flexing my shoulders, taking deep breaths just trying my hardest to relax but my shoulders were so tense, my chest was tight and my throat just felt like it was closing in…😔😭 I’m trying god damn it!

To add insult to injury the humans in my life keep letting me down. I literally have two people currently that I can rely on and there are times when I don’t want to be a bother to them because quite frankly I am a lot to handle.

I have never had a secure attachment in my life. I just don’t trust humans; they (we) are unreliable, disloyal and selfish. We are motivated by our own desires and greeds and consequently are designed to keep hurting each other. (Of course this is just my opinion; after all it’s my blog)

Whatever, I can’t change people. I can only change myself. So yeah, I avoid anything and anyone that fucks with my peace; my sanity, because truthfully I don’t know what I’m capable of if triggered. Some folks dive off the deep end never to return. I’m trying to stay on board so if I don’t talk to you PLEASE DO NOT TALK TO ME. I DO NOT LIKE YOU, I DO NOT TRUST YOU AND I AM DOING US BOTH A FAVOUR BY AVOIDING YOU.

Just please, leave me alone. I avoid prison, you avoid death. It’s a no brainer.

I Can’t Sh*t in Peace

Honestly, just cut a girl some slack. Every minute of every single waking hour you are constantly badgering me. Yes yes, I understand your concerns and they are valid but please I just want to be able to take a dump without you barraging me with 101 questions and what ifs. I just want to feel like I can breathe without hearing your bickering. I used to have solace in my dreams but now even there you are. You’ve perforated my hiding place and now I feel naked, stripped of my solace. I put my hands over my ears and will you to be quiet or at least beg my ears to not capture the never ending sounds of your “neyeng neyeng inna mi ears ole”

I sit, I get comfy, I cover my shoulders, I breathe in and out deeply, I squeeze my tummy a little, I push as hard as I can, I beg my body please stop listening to this erratic child and listen to meeeee!!! God damn it!!

*Breathe Imani* it’ll be fine. You’ll shit later. Fuck. I hate Anxiety. 😩

Long Journey

They say the journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step. I don’t know about anyone else but the first step is always the easiest for me. A colleague; Shane Patterson an amazing visual artist once asked, what is your impetus? In short, I told him it was the fact that I was very aware of my own mortality. I am distinctly aware of the fact that I am dying and that I could literally give up this mortal flesh any minute and so I live life full. I take life by the horns and I ride. I do all the things I want to do, try all the things I want to try, I throw my whole heart into my passions and I love, I love fiercely.

The downside to this pathological passion for love and life is that I hurt deeply when life throws me curve balls. I’m resilient in that I face them knowing full well that I am going to overcome them but aye boi, that doesn’t make it any easier.

You see, I am happy, immensely so. I am grateful to have met and married someone who loves as deeply as I do. I married the water to my fire and no he doesn’t try to doze me.

He quenches my thirst and soothes my soul when it aches. I just don’t find very many people I can trust. I don’t think it is paranoia. I think these are valid feelings that stem from my trust being violated by most people. It comes from being blatantly lied to and stabbed in the back. I remember a quotation that said something along the lines of “real friends stab you in the front” and I relate to that.Honestly, with my illness and personality I guess I have found myself in some really bad situations and 9 times out of 10 it was a friend or stranger who helped me out. I don’t ever want to forget those people. No matter what. I pray that no matter how high up the elevators of life take me that I remember those who helped me up when I was down.

And I pray for the strength to love those who looked at me while I was down and walked away without offering to help me up. I pray for the strength to be better than those who have hurt me, I want to “kill them with love” as the popular saying goes.

And that my friend is my prayer tonight. To love those who willfully hurt me and those who turned their backs on me. And to never forget the ones who gave to me from what little they had.

With my deepest love,

– Faith.

Mental Health & the Church

Abba’s Heart is for You
— Read on

This is such a timely message that resonates deeply with me as one who has departed from the church because of how my illness was perceived. I was told I was oppressed and or possessed by demons and that if I don’t get right with God I was going to die and go straight to hell. It is this version of Christianity and religiosity that sent me in search of God outside of religion. And I think we often forget that God exists outside of the church, or mosque, or temple or synagogue. I think Christians have confined God to a box; the church. But hey, I’m just a sinner wth do I know? 🤷🏾‍♀️

Yes, He’s My Sugar Daddy

“Sugar Daddy that?”

“What happened to him? Accident? Disease”

“Come like him sit pon a rass piece a wealth deh man”

“Nuhbada tell mi seh mi too fass, but wah happen to yuh husband?”

This is an offence; that’s why you are single. 😁

The gall, audacity and blatant lack of etiquette and ignorance is appalling. These were messages I received from some of the lesser learned folks in my friend list. The more polite ones simply said Congrats. Which for me was just fine.

Honestly, I have less than 5 close friends. I don’t quite like people but I was raised to be polite. But please, don’t insult my husband nor I with such crude and incredulous interrogations. Who the flying fuck are you sir or madam? We are merely associates. Were you not taught that it is rude to ask such deeply personal questions of someone you hardly know?

Please refrain from this line of questioning, I will simply ignore you lest I be dragged any further down to your level.

The end.

Now kindly pay attention to your lane.


The Sugar Baby 👶🏾 😁😌😏

Near Death August

And I don’t mean mine; not this time at least. I survived August. I stayed out of prison 😄. I say this while laughing but God knows it was no joke. I had the most cruel thing I can imagine being done to me by a friend, a confidant done to me. I trusted this person with all my vulnerabilities and boy did that backfire.

Lesson here; you can only rely on yourself so you better be reliable.

Me? I’m never trusting anyone like that again. And I’m not the type to say never but I know wholeheartedly that I can never give anyone the power to hurt me like that again. I allowed this person and the situation to take control of my facilities for the better part of 2 weeks. I was a crying angry mess. Had I the money to fly to where the person lived they would be a dead person and I would be behind bars and what would that have accomplished? Not a damn thing.

I contemplated many a days to voluntarily check myself in to a hospital to get some additional help because I was truly struggling. I had been stable for the most part, taking my medication religiously, eating right and exercising, maintaining good rapport with my support system. I was doing well. Then I got a swift, heavy blow that knocked me off my feet. I was furious, but most of all I was hurt. I felt stupid to have put so much trust in a “stranger” why? Because they trusted me at a time when I needed it. They welcomed me into their family and stood up for me at the expense of losing their own family. I was proud to call them friend. And that, that’s why it was so hard on me.

Well, I survived. I lived to tell the tale. I just want to thank the universe for an amazing support system of friends and family who were there for me throughout this ordeal. I am so grateful for my friend Pudi who listened to me rant over and over and over again and he never complained. I am so so grateful for our friendship.

For those who prayed for and with me during this difficult time; thank you.

For those who encouraged me to remember all I have been through in the past and that I survived those, I applaud you.

I was resilient. I persevered. I am alive and happy not because things worked out but because I didn’t cave in to my illness. I survived.

So I encourage you today to dig deep; find the courage within to love, to live and to dream. Your feelings are valid but do not let them control you.

#dweetfraid #chiselon #faithinit

With much love,

Faith ❤️😇

The Hands that Holds the Mask

The hands that holds the masks are tired.

I have rotated between left and right

I have shifted pressure between fingers

I have tried pinning it on

Man, I have done it all

But the hands are just tired.

I just cannot hold up this facade anymore

I have resolved to show me more

Though I’ll still smile in my darkest hour

At night I sit and cry helplessly in the shower.


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